My Aunt Jenny

Pantyhose Story

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Aunt Jenny

story by Peter.

It was a Thursday night and I was waiting for my aunt to get home. Ever since I was a young boy, I have been living in the family house with my aunt. She works in an office and often I see her wearing her office suit with pantyhose on. My pantyhose fetish started out of curiosity by picking up her worn pantyhose and putting them on. I remembered doing it in front of my mother and she scolded me because it was not a ‘guy’ thing to do. Nevertheless, I was hooked . As I grew older, I started sniffing her underwear and soaking the sweaty, pungent, sweet aroma that wafted from her bra, panties and pantyhose. I would rub them all over my face and dress up in her office suit and parade around in front of the mirror admiring my pretty self. Of course, I frequently masturbated whenever I dressed up in her clothes. I decide that night would be the night. I could not control my urges and fantasies anymore. That morning, I woke up and saw my aunt dressed in her black top, black skirt, black pantyhose and black open-toed sandals. It was a real jolt for the morning and I went to college thinking about her the whole day. I decided that night that I would come onto her and give her the fucking of her life and also be the first one that I lose my virginity to. Some brief information about my aunt. She is single and has never dated in a very long time (to my knowledge). She has also suspected me of wearing and rummaging through her clothes many a time. She has also caught me looking at porn once and saw me pissing in the toilet once. I was reading a book when she came home. The whole family was asleep. As the gate opened, she walked up the stairs and said her usual ‘Hello’ to me. I replied and told her that I needed to ask her about directions out of the state. She sat down on the couch and I joined her. As she was telling me the directions, I was stealing glances at her pantyhosed feet. Her toes moving under the pantyhose made such delicate and sexy movements that made me want to grab her foot and sniff it all day long while licking it. I then changed the topic as to why she was not married yet. She told me that she hasn’t found the right person. I asked her whether she was lonely and she replied ‘No, I have you and your brother to keep me company and I have my friends too.’ I slowly nodded in agreement and inched closer to her. Ever so gently, I lay my hand on her lap. “What are you doing?” she asked. I moved closer to her face and said, “Keeping you company.” The sound of silence filled the air as I stared right at her face. I moved closer and closer towards her face. As I moved closer, she slowly closed her eyes and leaned back on the couch. Our lips met and locked into position straightaway. I grabbed both of her hands and our fingers intertwined with one another. Both of us ate each other out. We let out soft moans and soon enough my cock was rock hard and hitting the wall of my briefs wanting release. We both engaged in passionate kissing for some time before my aunt opened her eyes, stood up, grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room. She turned on the lights and beckoned me to the bed where we engaged in passionate kissing again. This time, I was thoroughly on top of her feeling every inch of her body and licking our tongues enjoying the tastes of each others saliva. Soon my aunt stood up. She took off my shirt and pulled down my shorts together with my briefs. She looked at me with a wicked smile saying, “Oooooh, you’re such a big boy now! Come, let your aunty have a taste of you.” My cock was standing erect and my heart was pounding. My deepest desires have come true. There was my aunt in her office uniform and pantyhose covered legs waiting to eat me out. Before I knew it, she had pushed me down on the bed and begin caressing my cock and kissing it. She then took my whole cock into her mouth and made sucking sounds and motions. Her tongue twirled around my cock giving it tingling sensations. Her moist, warm mouth made my cock feel at home. After she had sucked enough, she sat on the bed and said, “I know that you’ve been wearing my pantyhose all this while. I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me differently when I wear my pantyhose. Now, I’m so glad that you took the initiative to come onto me. I always thought that you wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be right for me to come onto you would it? My pantyhose teasing has been enough already. Now, I will let you enjoy my pantyhose on me for as much as you like.” Immediately, I jumped. I was ecstatic. I lay her on the bed, gently took both her feet in my hands and took a deep whiff of them. The smell of a whole days work came wafting into my nose. The pungent, sweaty smell was heavenly. It was a sweet smell which exuded a sexy aura which drove me crazy. My aunt giggled at the sight of me doing that. “Come on, I know you want to” she said. Immediately, like a hungry animal, I took her toes in my mouth and begin sucking them. I licked her toes thoroughly and licked her feet up and down from the heel to the toe. I tickled her toes with my tongue and she moaned in delight. “Oooooh Aunt Jenny, how I have craved for your legs. Mmmmm..they are all mine now.” I ran my hands on her legs and gently caressed them. My face eventually came to her wet pussy. “Come on, aunty is so wet now. Make me wetter. Make me sweat. Make me squirm in delight!” I dove for her pussy through her pantyhose. I took in the pungent smell and delighted in it. My tongue was twirling around her pussy and tickling her clitoris. She was holding my head and pushing it further inwards. Soon, I was lost inside her skirt eating out her pussy. Her legs were wide open and she was moaning and squealing with pleasure. “Ooooh, lick it, lick it, lick my pussy. Fuck meeeeeee. Fuck meeee soo goood” My tongue moved faster and faster. Her legs started to wrap around me and buckle. Her pussy started to tremble as she bit on her finger. “Ooooooooohhhh. Fuck meeeee!!!” In a split second, she climaxed and came all over her pantyhose, through it and onto my face. I lapped up her pussy juices hungrily and was aroused by the taste and smell of it all. I came back up to her face and kissed her. Our tongues danced frantically as she tasted the taste of her own juices. I licked her face all the way down to her chest. I slowly unbuttoned her top and spread it open. She was wearing a dark blue bra. I pulled the two cups down gently and her C cup breasts popped into view. I wanted them so bad. My aunt began to take off her top and held her two breasts from underneath. “Don’t they look pretty? They’re pointing at you. Take them and make me yours.” I had no objection. I began to gently suck her erect nipples. I began on her left nipple, kissing it, applying a little suction and licking around the area. She was moaning softly. Every time she moaned, the sound of pleasure would drive me to perform better. I grabbed both breasts with my hands and began to knead them and lick them at the same time. Her legs were wrapped around me and I could feel her pussy juices soaking my cock. “Turn over. It’s my turn to be on top.” I obeyed her and lay on my back. She stood up and took off her skirt and bra leaving her pantyhose on. My eyes were in Heaven. Here I was, lying on my aunts bed, getting ready to receive from her and watching her strip in front of me. She was standing there naked, breasts at attention, her body glistening of sweat and juices wearing only pantyhose with her pussy peeking through it. She lay down on top of my and had one hand cupping my balls and another stroking my cock. I shivered with pleasure. “Delicious” Her hand was pumping my cock up and down as she took it in her mouth. I couldn’t resist her pussy staring at my face and began to finger it. I stroked her pussy as she stroked my cock. I pulled down her pantyhose, grabbed her ass and buried my face in her pussy. She squealed and began to suck harder. I couldn’t control it anymore and as my muscles tensed, I came all inside her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could take and released my cock from her warm mouth. She giggled and pumped all the cum out of it. She took my cum and rubbed it on her tits and cleaned up the remainder with her mouth. She turned around and kissed me, returning the favor of letting me taste my own cum. I felt weak and my cock went limp. She looked at it and giggled. She teased it by twirling her finger around it. “I’m going to ride you like a slut now and am going to enjoy it! You’re going to be a good boy and let your aunty fuck you with her pussy. Before I do that, you have to put this on.” She threw me a pair of sheer black pantyhose. I put them on expertly as I have been doing so all these years. “Perfect. You look so pretty.” With her hands and teeth, she tore a hole through the hose for my cock to go through. “Now do me.” I tore a hole through her hose for her pussy to show. “Are you ready?” The hell I was! She squatted above me, facing me and slowly pushed her pussy onto my cock. “Oooh, mmm. I love your cock in my pussy. Mmm. Do you like aunty’s pussy?” I replied, “Fuck me Aunty Jenny. Fuck me good!” With both her hands supporting her, she rode up and down my shaft. The sounds of both of us moaning in ecstacy drove us crazy. I sat right up and joined the rhythm. She was sitting on me and we were both pumping in rhythm, the sensation of our hot private parts and pantyhose rubbing off each other were driving us crazy. I lay her down on the bed, spread her legs and gave her a straight fucking as I massaged her breasts. She was talking dirty to me all the while. “Fuck me. Give your aunt all you’ve got. You’re such a naughty boy. Let me feel your cock. Feel your cock. Don’t make me forget this night.” After a few minutes, her body trembled again and she came all over. She screamed in ecstacy. Her fluids ran all the way down my body and down our pantyhosed feet. The smell was intoxicating. I was wild. I asked my aunt “Would you like to try anal?” She could only smile and nod. She bent over the bed. I tore a bigger hole in the hose which led to her ass. My cock, lubricated with juices found its way easily into her ass. As it went in, she screamed in painful delight. I had two hands on her hips and she had one massaging her breasts and another fingering her pussy. I pumped in and out gently at first and worked up speed. Soon, she was moaning and screaming again. Her tight ass made me stimulated to a high level and she was screaming, “Cum inside me! Cum in my ass! Fuck me boy!” I moaned and released a stream of cum into her ass. She screamed again and got up to suck my cock and lick it clean. We both lay back down on the bed and kissed again. “Mmmm you were delicious. Now we both have our little erotic secret. I give you permission to access all my underwear and clothes and you can smell my feet anytime. Remember, you can keep me company anytime. I am yours and you are mine.” I’ve never been in a better place.


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